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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my valuation free?

Yes, your valuation is free. There is no cost or obligation to accept our offer.

What sort of motorhomes do you buy?

We buy every sort – old, new, small, large, good condition, poor condition, high mileage, low mileage, high value, low value. If you've got a motorhome, we'll make you an offer!

How is my valuation calculated?

Your valuation is calculated based on the information that you provide us and using our extensive experience and up-to-the-minute market intelligence to ensure that you get a correct and fair valuation.

Why is my valuation subject to inspection?

Motorhomes are complex things and although you may give us an accurate description of your motorhome, faults are not always immediately apparent on the surface. If a fault does surface during the inspection, it does not mean that we do not want your motorhome, merely that we may have to bring it to your attention when discussing the value of the motorhome.

Why do you need my email address and phone number?

Firstly of course, we need to let you know what the valuation is. But also, because there are so many variables that can affect the value of a motorhome, we made need to contact you to clarify some details about the motorhome before we are able to provide you with an accurate valuation.

How do I get my motorhome to you?

Don't worry, we come and collect it from you – and it's FREE

How quickly can you buy my motorhome?

If you want to sell quickly, we can usually have the money in your bank account within 24 hours.

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