Sell My RV

If you are thinking ‘it’s time to sell my RV’ you have come to the right place. At We Want Your Motorhome our goal is to make the process of selling your RV as quick, easy and secure as possible. We make the whole process painless for you. All you need to do is get in touch with us and we will do the rest. Here’s how it works:

Obviously the starting point is to get an RV valuation and we will provide this for you. You can do this online or speak to one of our friendly team. For online RV valuations simply put your details in the box at the top of this page, or you can call us on 01223 632897. Once we have all of the information about your RV we provide you with an up-to-date market valuation. Your RV valuation is free and you can use this information in any way you choose without obligation.

Now you have your valuation, the next step is to discuss whether you are ready to sell your RV. Sell My Motorhome is always willing to buy and if you have made your mind up to sell, we will make you an offer. As always, there is a balance between achieving your goals of a quick, easy sale and price, but we will do all we can to reach an agreement with you that meets your requirements.

Finally, having agreed the price the last thing to arrange is for us to come and collect your RV and make payment to you. How quickly this happens is up to you, but we can usually react very promptly and on occasion can get from initial discussion to payment and collection within 24 hours. When we come to collect your RV we will make secure payment by bank transfer directly into your bank account. This happens instantaneously and we make sure that you check and are happy the money is in your account before we ask you to release the keys.

So there it is – Sell my RV? Contact We Want Your Motorhome. We make it quick, easy and secure to sell your RV - from getting a valuation and agreeing a price through to payment and collection in three easy steps.

Buy My RV

When it comes to selling RVs, why is We Want Your Motorhome the first choice? Here’s what our customers tell us.

“I decided to use you to…

“…buy my RV because you are a specialist buyer of RVs.” As you know, RVs are slightly specialist vehicles and there are not many companies that buy them. At We Want Your Motorhome we understand the market and we are always looking to buy RVs.

“…buy my RV because I know you buy any type RVs.” That’s right, we aren’t fussy about what we buy or look to buy certain brands or layouts. In fact we will buy any make, model or layout.

“…buy my RV because I know you buy RVs regardless of the time of year.” Seasonality does have a role to play in the motorhome market. Trying to sell privately at the wrong time of year, or to a dealer that is inundated with new registration stock coming in, can be a fruitless task. At We Want Your Motorhome, however, we are keen to buy all year round and are not affected by such concerns.

“…buy my RV because you are long-established and have a good reputation.” Something that RV owners are becoming more aware of is the rise of fraud within the used motorhome market. Fraudsters target anything of value and that includes motorhomes and RVs. We are seeing an increasing number of false RV listings and fraudulent buyers on websites like eBay. Don’t take the risk – only deal with a reputable business.

“…buy my RV because what I wanted above all else was to sell quickly and get paid immediately.” People sell RVs for all sorts of reasons, but one thing our customers tend to have in common is the desire for a speedy, secure transaction. Whether you are selling to become a cash buyer to get the best possible deal on your next motorhome or just want a fast sale, We Want Your Motorhome is the best option.

RV Valuation

We always say in our business that, unlike in the used car industry, there is no trade ‘Bible’ that provides good, reliable data on used motorhome prices. Now, extend that to the RV market and it is even more the case that there is no off-the-shelf resource for RV valuations.

The number of RVs in the UK is quite small and if you take into account individual customer specifications at the factory when they were built, plus the fact that owners will have personalised them with various accessories over time, well, there probably aren’t two identical RVs for sale in the UK at any given time! So, you can see why there is no database of current market RV values.

Therefore, when you think ‘Value my RV’, you know it’s time to call an expert. At We Want Your Motorhome, all of our time is spent speaking to RV and motorhome owners and researching current market values. All of this research goes into our database, so although it is not commercially available, we probably hold the most information on used motorhome and RV prices in the UK.

You can see the challenge of arriving at an accurate valuation for an RV in the UK and there is a balance between value and speed of sale, which we will discuss with you. The important thing is that, when you think ‘it’s time to value my RV’, you know that when speaking to us you will be gaining access to the most accurate, up-to-date market information to base your decision on.

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