How It Works

How to Sell My Motorhome?

How to sell your motorhome in 3 easy steps.

1. Free motorhome valuation
You can either fill out the motorhome valuation form on this website or call us on 01223 632897 to provide us with a few details about your motorhome.
2. Cash offer
Once we have the details we will discuss the value of your motorhome with you and make you a cash offer.
3. Collection and payment
We will arrange a convenient time to make payment and collect your motorhome. It really is that SIMPLE!

"Better Than Trying to Sell Privately"
Here are some of things that customers have said to us about trying to sell privately before coming to us:

"I racked up a lot of advertising costs and didn't get a call."
"I waited in all afternoon and they didn't turn up."
"I didn't feel comfortable about strangers coming to my home."
"I hated haggling over the price."
"I got fed up with time wasters."
"I read so much about fraud I pulled the ad."

Sound familiar?

You get none of these problems with Just three simple steps to selling your motorhome quickly and easily, starting with your Free Online Valuation. Get your Free Online Valuation now and we'll do the rest.

Better Than Part Exchange

Motorhome dealers have hefty overheads to cover and have to make a profit – no problem with that, that's the way business works. But why should you be the one paying for their overheads? When you part exchange a motorhome, somewhere in the sale and purchase there is going to be a big margin in there for the dealer.

The way to get the best out of this situation is to sell your motorhome separately first and get the best possible price for it. Then if you are in the market for a new motorhome, go to the dealer as a cash buyer. Dealers love cash buyers – they are quick, clean deals for them and this means you can negotiate a great price on the motorhome you buy.

So, get the ball rolling and sell motorhome for cash now with step 1 of our easy 3 step process which is to get your Free Online Valuation here.

FREE Motorhome Valuation