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At We Want Your Motorhome our sole aim is to make the process of selling your motorhome as quick, easy and secure as possible.

The process is very simple and all you need to do is get in touch with us – we do the rest. So if you are thinking it's time to sell my motorhome, here’s how it works:

The first thing you need from We Want Your Motorhome is a free valuation. You can either provide your details to us online by filling in the free motorhome valuation form at the top of this page, or call one of our friendly team on 01223 632897.

When we have the full details, We Want Your Motorhome will provide you with a current market valuation. It is free and you are not obligated to us in any way.

The next step is to discuss selling your motorhome. If you decide you are ready to sell, we will make you an offer to purchase based on the valuation. We aim to make you an offer that meets your requirements in terms of price and getting an immediate sale.

Once we have agreed a price, all that remains is for us to arrange a convenient time to collect and pay for your motorhome. We are usually able to do this very quickly and have been known to complete a motorhome purchase from initial discussion to payment and collection within 24 hours.

Secure payment is made to you when we come to collect your motorhome. We make a bank transfer into your account and we are of course happy for you to check with your bank that cleared funds are in your account before you release the keys.

So there it is – Thinking "Sell my motorhome?" . Think "We Want Your Motorhome". We make it quick, easy and secure to sell your motorhome in three simple steps; get a valuation, agree a price, payment and collection.

Buy My Motorhome

Why do so many people choose to sell their motorhomes to www.wewantyourmotorhome.com? Here’s what they tell us.

"I trusted you to...

"...buy my motorhome because you are dedicated buyer of motorhomes."

It’s all we do, which means it’s where all of our focus is, we always want to buy, we respond quickly and our business depends on providing a great service. Other potential motor home buyers such as motorhome dealers always have other priorities, so you don’t come first – with us you do!

"...buy my motorhome because I know you buy all motorhomes."

That’s right – any make, model, style or layout, we buy them all.

"...buy my motorhome because I know you buy motorhomes all year around."

When trying to sell privately or to a motorhome dealer, you will find that seasonality can play a big part in whether you can sell your motorhome and the price you will be offered for it. We, on the other hand, buy motor homes all year around, yes including December, and nothing changes that – if you want to sell your motorhome, we want to buy!

"...buy my motorhome because you are a well-established company with a good reputation.”

Although obviously some motorhomes are worth more than others, all motorhomes are of significant value, and therefore a prime target for fraudsters. The amount of fraud within the leisure sector is growing, as evidenced by the increasing number of fraudulent motorhome listings on websites such as eBay. Security is an issue, which is why it makes sense to use a well established, dedicated motorhome buyers like us.

"...buy my motorhome because I needed a quick sale and immediate payment.”

Many of our customers come to us because we are the preferred option for a quick sale. In many cases it’s so that they can become a cash buyer for their next motor home, knowing that they will get a better price from a dealer if they present as a cash buyer. Whatever the reason, if you need a quick, secure sale with immediate payment, you need www.wewantyourmotorhome.com.

Motorhome Buyers

We are often asked what type of motorhomes we are interested in buying. As the leading motorhome buyers the answer is, we buy any motorhome. From small van conversions, to the ever popular C-class motorhomes, luxurious A-class motorhomes and even American RV's, we buy any motorhome.

We don't mind where they were manufactured - the UK, Europe, the USA or whether they are right hand or left hand drive. Age and mileage are not important - we buy motorhomes that are well travelled and we buy motorhomes that are very nearly new.

We buy motorhomes of any value. And we buy motorhomes in any condition - all we ask is that you give us an accurate description to help provide you with an accurate valuation. So, when we day we buy any motorhome, we really do mean it!

Motorhome Valuation

Unlike motor cars, motorhome valuations are not simply a case of getting an industry-standard value from a publication or website. Such resources do exist, but due to the individual nature of motorhomes they are rarely accurate.

If you think about it, this makes perfect sense, for example:

How many identical motorhomes come out of the factory?

Not many, as the choices for individual specification from new are vast.

How many motorhomes remain standard after leaving the factory?

Again, very few, with many owners adding an array of accessories.

How big is the motorhome market compared to the car market?

Very small!

So, when it comes to used motorhome valuations, we are talking about a niche product that has been individually specified and sells in small numbers – you can see the problem.

It just isn’t possible for anyone to build a accurate database of used motorhome values.

When you think “value my motorhome” it’s time to call an expert.

At We Want Your Motorhome, we pretty much spend all day, every day, researching motorhome valuations. We live and breathe motorhome values and are probably the largest, most up-to-date resource for used motorhome prices in the UK.

As with anything you are trying to sell, there is a balance between price and speed of sale. We will be happy to discuss this with you in providing your motorhome valuation so that you can get a sense of where that balance lies in relation to your own motorhome and what your options are.

The important thing is that, when you think “value my motorhome”, you know that by speaking to us you will get the most accurate, up to date information on motorhome valuations to base your decision on.

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