Is This a Good Time to Sell My Motorhome?

Is This a Good Time to Sell My Motorhome?
  • 12th July 2019
  • Bill Pegram

Is This a Good Time to Sell My Motorhome?

There seems to be a lot going on in the world at the moment, with (mostly bad) headlines screaming out at you. Here we look at some of the things making the news and how they are affecting the used motorhome market. If you are thinking of selling your motorhome, this article will answer the question, is now a good time to sell.

The Economic Outlook

The economic outlook seems to be getting more gloomy by the day. On the global stage the trade war between the USA and China dominates. In the euro zone growth has slowed to a standstill. In the UK the latest monthly GDP growth figures were negative. Read any article about business and the economy and it will include discussion about whether we are due a recession. So there's a cheery start to this article!

Holiday at Home or Abroad?

OK, let's try and balance that with some better news. The "Staycation" market continues to grow. That is, UK residents who are choosing to holiday and take short breaks in the UK. Possible factors affecting this include a recent run of good weather. The weakness of the pound making holidays abroad more expensive. Environmental concerns. And as you may know, constantly improving attractions and facilities in the UK, including campsites, which just keep getting better and better!

The B Word

Well, you knew it was coming. We couldn't get through this article without mentioning Brexit. Whether you are for it or against it, the news about Brexit and the impact it is going to have on the UK seems to be largely negative. The consensus is that this is dampening spirits and causing both businesses and individuals to put off investment and high cost spending decisions.

The New Motorhome Market

All of these things seem to be having a detrimental affect on the new motorhome market at the moment. Sales are not as buoyant as they have been in recent years. In fact, our inside information reveals that some dealers are having a very hard time shifting new motorhomes.

The Used Motorhome Market

So where does all of this leave the used motorhome market? Well, the good news is that it seems totally unaffected by any of this! In fact, the latest NCC statistics show that used motorhome sales to the end of May are up 11% over last year. This would certainly support our own findings. We are having our busiest year ever and the used motorhome market seems to be absolutely flying. So, if you are thinking of selling your motorhome, now IS a great time to do it and we would love to buy it.

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