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We Want Your Motorhome is one of a group of privately-owned companies dedicated to the motorhome and caravan sectors. The owners and directors of the business have been involved in this sector for many years and are all motorhomers and/or caravanners themselves.

Some years ago, the directors recognised that the options for motorhome owners to sell their motorhomes were somewhat limited and set about creating a business that would change that. The feedback they had received from countless owners over time was along the lines of ‘…if only there was somewhere I could just make a call to and sell my motorhome quickly at a fair price’.

It is this principle that We Want Your Motorhome is based on.

We want our customers to be able to call us and agree a quick, secure sale of their motorhome over the phone, without having to leave their homes and know that the money will be in their bank account before they hand over the keys. And we spend all day, every day doing just that – making it easy for people just like you to sell their motorhomes.

So how does it work?

  • Get a FREE, easy, no obligation valuation of your motorhome, camper or RV

  • On agreeing a value we come to you and assess your motorhome

  • You receive instant payment and we drive away there and then!

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