Where Can I Sell My Motorhome for Cash?

Where Can I Sell My Motorhome for Cash?
  • 19th September 2019
  • Bill Pegram

Where Can I Sell My Motorhome for Cash?

When it comes to selling your motorhome, it is a very different proposition to selling anything else. It is not a mass market product like a car where there are a lot of commercial and private buyers. Lots of places to advertise it and a good chance of selling it quickly. Motorhomes are in a niche market with relatively few buyers. They are what financial markets call an illiquid asset. One that isn't easy to turn into immediate cash. This of course is frustrating for many motorhome sellers who, for various reasons, may want to do just that - sell my motorhome for cash.

What Do We Mean by Cash?

Firstly, let's define what we mean by cash. Whilst for some people that might mean "Pound notes", for most, it just means getting cleared funds in to their bank account. No part exchanges, no prolonged buying process, no delayed payments - just instant cash in the bank. That is what we mean by cash in the context of this article.

Do We Want Your Motorhome Buy Motorhomes for Cash?

Yes we do. In fact it is all we do. That's right, our whole business is just buying motorhomes for cash. We have a dedicated team of buyers with unparalleled market knowledge and access to immediate funds. And crucially, they have the authority to make an instant offer for your motorhome.

How Quickly Can You Buy My Motorhome for Cash?

We cater to a very specific part of the motorhome market - people who want to sell quickly. Therefore, our whole business is geared towards this. The process is simple: you call us and tell us about your motorhome. We make you an offer. You decide whether to accept it. If you accept our offer, the speed of the transaction depends entirely on how quickly we can come and see you to pay for and collect your motorhome. To give you an idea of how quickly this can be, we have paid for and collected motorhomes within 24 hours of first being contacted.

How Do You Pay for My Motorhome?

We pay you by bank transfer, the quickest and most secure method of payment. And you don't release the keys to us until you are happy you have cleared funds in your bank account. Simple.

What Do I Do Now?

Just contact us. We can deal with everything over the phone and you could have your cash offer within minutes. Call us on 01223 632897 or get your free motorhome valuation here.

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