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What Is My Motorhome Worth?

What's my motorhome worth? When it comes to getting an accurate valuation of your motorhome, it is important to speak to a well established specialist motorhome buyer. It may seem strange with so many motorhomes on the road these days, but it is actually still a niche market. This is because there are so many variations of motorhome. And this in turn, means you need to speak to someone with their finger on the pulse of motorhome valuations. To find out what your motorhome is worth today call us now on 01223 632897.

Unlike motor cars, motorhome valuations are not simply a case of getting an industry-standard value from a publication or website. Such resources do exist, but due to the individual nature of motorhomes they are rarely accurate.

If you think about it, this makes perfect sense, for example:

How many identical motorhomes come out of the factory?

Not many, as the choices for individual specification from new are vast.

How many motorhomes remain standard after leaving the factory?

Again, very few, with many owners adding an array of accessories.

How big is the motorhome market compared to the car market?

Very small!

So, when it comes to used motorhome valuations, we are talking about a niche product that has been individually specified and sells in small numbers – you can see the problem.

It just isn’t possible for anyone to build a accurate database of used motorhome values.

So when you think “value my motorhome”, it’s time to call an expert.

At We Want Your Motorhome, we pretty much spend all day, every day, researching motorhome valuations. We live and breathe motorhome values and are probably the largest, most up-to-date resource for used motorhome prices in the UK.

As with anything you are trying to sell, there is a balance between price and speed of sale. We will be happy to discuss this with you in providing your motorhome valuation so that you can get a sense of where that balance lies in relation to your own motorhome and what your options are.

The important thing is that, when you think “value my motorhome”, you know that by speaking to us you will get the most accurate, up to date information on motorhome valuations to base your decision on.