Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of motorhomes do you buy?

At We Want Your Motorhome, we buy every sort of motorhome, from nearly new to very old, from pristine to well-used, and across every price range.

Is the valuation of my motorhome free?

Yes, we provide free valuations based on years of experience and our up-to-the-minute market knowledge.

Do you make me an offer over the phone?

Yes, at We Want Your Motorhome we are happy to make you an offer over the phone, based on your description of the motorhome.

How long does the valuation and offer last for?

There is no set period for how long your offer is valid. We use a common sense approach to these things rather than rigid time constraints. We speak to motorhome owners every day who are just thinking of selling. Sometimes they will call us back for an updated valuation two or three before deciding to sell.

Am I committed once you make me an offer?

Not at all. Contacting We Want Your Motorhome and requesting a valuation or offer does not commit you in any way to using our service.

Will you stand by the offer you make me?

Yes. Everyone has heard the stories of the big car buying companies reducing their offer when you take a car in to their premises. At We Want Your Motorhome we don’t do that. If your motorhome is as you’ve described it to us over the phone, there will be no more discussion about price.

Do I have to make an immediate decision?

No, take as long as you need to think about it. If you want to take time to think about it or look at other options, that’s fine. Just remember that We Want Your Motorhome is here whenever you need us, ready to act quickly and complete a fast transaction.

When will I get paid?

You will get paid when we come to collect your motorhome. We do this by bank transfer while our driver is with you. He will ask you to make sure you have the cleared funds in your bank account. When you are happy you have received the funds, only then will he ask you to release the keys to him.

Do you collect, or do I have to deliver the motorhome to you?

We send a professional driver to collect your motorhome from you. You will find them very friendly and helpful if you have any questions.

Is collection free?

Yes, we make no charge for collecting your motorhome from you.

How quickly can you come and collect my motorhome?

We will work to your timescales and react as quickly as you require. We have collected motorhomes within 24 hours of being contacted!

How will I get paid and is payment secure?

At We Want Your Motorhome we like to make sure you are completely satisfied you have received payment. We make a bank transfer while our driver is with you and we ask you to check with your bank to make sure cleared funds are in your account before you release the keys.

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