Why Choose Us?

We've Been Doing This a Long Time!

We Want Your Motorhome is one of the longest established specialist motorhome buying companies in the UK. We have a long track record of delivering on our promise of making it quick and easy to sell your motorhome. If you are thinking of selling your motorhome, get complete peace of mind by using a trusted market leader.


It is an unpleasant fact of modern day life that fraud seems to be rife. Unfortunately, the motorhome market is not immune to the blight of fraud. Every week we come across instances of fake motorhomes for sale and fraudsters posing as genuine buyers.

In dealing with We Want Your Motorhome, you can set aside all worries of being caught out by fraudsters. Not only do you know you are dealing with a long established market leader. We also ask you to check that you have received our payment and have cleared funds in your bank account, before we ask you to release the keys. A completely secure transaction.

We Make it Easy for You

Our buying process really is as simple as 1,2,3.

1. Get in touch with us.
2. We'll give you a free valuation.
3. We'll pay you and collect your motorhome.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to sell your motorhome. And in all honesty, the easier it is for you, the easier it is for us! We don't want to argue about the value, try and reduce the price down the line or make collection and payment difficult.

All we ask for is an accurate description of your motorhome. We'll give you a valuation. And then you decide if you want to sell it. Simple.

The Alternatives

There are four ways to sell your motorhome. Here is an honest appraisal of each:

We Want Your Motorhome

For: Instant sale and immediate cash in the bank. Easy and secure.

Against: You may be able to get a slightly higher price by selling privately or through a motorhome broker.

Motorhome Broker

For: You may be able to get a slightly higher price. Secure if you use a recognised market leader.

Against: It will take longer to sell.

Sell Privately

For: You may get lucky and find a buyer at a slightly higher price.

Against: Up front costs, no guarantee of a sale, time wasters, haggling over price, security worries, payment worries, fraud worries.

Part Exchange

For: Convenience

Against: Dealers have big overheads to cover and you will be paying for that somewhere in the deal!

Become a Cash Buyer

On the subject of motorhome dealers, the way to get the best deal is to present yourself as a cash buyer. Sell your motorhome to us first and you will be amazed how dealers will treat you as a cash buyer. You are now their favourite sort of buyer - no part exchange motorhome to accept, no finance to unravel, no complications, just someone with the ability to make to make an instant buying decision. You'll bag a bargain!

Someone You Can Trust

So, if you are thinking of selling your motorhome and you want to make sure it will be easy and secure contact us today - we are the market leaders and someone you can trust.

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