Sell My Campervan

At We Want Your Motorhome, we aim to make the process of selling your campervan as quick, easy and secure as we can. The process is very simple. You just need to make one call to us and we’ll do the rest. Sell my campervan? It works like this:

Obviously the first thing you need is a campervan valuation. You can either give us the details online by filling in the free online campervan valuation form at the top of this page, or you can give us a call on 01223 632897. When we have the details of your campervan, we will provide you with an up-to-date market valuation. Your camper van valuation is of course free and without obligation.

The next step is to discuss selling your campervan. If you decide “I am ready to sell my campervan”, we will always be willing to buy and we will make you an offer based on your camper van valuation. Our aim is to offer you a fair price and help you achieve a quick sale.

When we have agreed a price for your campervan, the next step is to arrange a time that suits you to collect it and make arrangements for payment.

We have a team of drivers that are constantly on the go and so can usually arrange for quick payment and collection of your campervan – sometimes within 24 hours. When we come to collect your campervan we will pay you by bank transfer. This is an instant process and we make sure you are happy that cleared funds are in your bank before you release the keys to us.

So there it is – if you are thinking ‘it’s time to sell my campervan’, we will make it quick, easy and secure in three simple steps; get a camper van valuation, agree a price, payment and collection.

Buy My Campervan

Why do so many people choose to sell their campervans to We Want Your Motorhome? Here’s what they tell us.

“I chose you to…

“…buy my campervan because you are dedicated buyer of campervans.” That’s right, it’s all we do, so all of our focus is on buying campers. We react quickly and our business depends on providing a fast, efficient service. Other potential campervan buyers such as dealerships always have other priorities. With us, you come first and we have no other distractions.

“…buy my campervan because I know you buy every type of campervan.” That’s right – any make, model, style or layout. We are interested in every type of campervan, so no matter what you’ve got, get in touch.

“…buy my campervan because I know you buy campervans all year around.” If you try and sell privately or to a campervan dealer, seasonality will be an issue. If it is at the end of the year, or at a time when the dealer is expecting a delivery of new registration stock, this is will have an impact on the saleability and price of your camper. We, on the other hand, buy campervans all year around, even during the depths of winter and nothing changes that – if you want to sell your campervan, we want to buy!

“…buy my campervan because you are a well-known company with a good reputation.” The value of campervans varies enormously, but to your average fraudster, they are just another high value asset to target. Unfortunately, fraud within the leisure sector is increasing, and there are a growing number of fraudulent camper van listings on websites such as eBay. Security is an issue, which is why it is important to use a well-established, dedicated buyer of campervans like us.

“…buy my camper van because I didn’t want to incur the costs and delays involved in selling privately.” When it comes to achieving a quick sale at a fair price, we are the preferred option for many campervan sellers. There is a growing awareness that cash buyers get the best deals from camper van dealers and many of our customers know this. Whatever your motivation, if you need a fast, secure sale with immediate payment, choose We Want Your Motorhome.

Campervan Valuation

Unlike in the car trade, there is no ‘Bible’ of camper valuations and there are no publications or websites that provide widely-accepted valuations that the industry can depend on. Campervan valuation resources exist, but due to the individual nature of campers, they are not accurate and cannot be relied upon.

It is the nature of the industry and in fact, makes perfect sense: Very few identical campervans come out of a factory – there are many choices and options for individual specification when buying new and most campervans are almost unique from new. Then of course, once they leave the factory, a whole new raft of individual specification gets added with the wide array of accessories that are available. Finally, when you think how small the campervan market is compared to the car market and the relatively low volume of vehicles in the marketplace, the challenge of creating a central database of accurate camper van valuations becomes clear.

So, when you come to think ‘value my motorhome’ it’s time to speak to an expert. At We Want Your Motorhome we are immersed in the business of providing accurate camper van valuations. We live and breathe campervan values and have more experience and more up to the minute information about camper values than anyone else.

You can use our online camper van valuation service, or speak to one of our friendly valuation team. We will be happy to provide all of the help and advice you need about the market, current campervan values and getting the balance right between price and getting a quick sale. Thinking ‘value my campervan’? Contact the experts today.

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