Sell My Motorhome for Free

Sell My Motorhome for Free
  • 30th September 2019
  • Bill Pegram

Sell My Motorhome for Free

What everyone wants when it comes time to sell their motorhome is to sell it quickly, at a fair price without incurring any costs. So to start with, let's look at the different costs that you can incur when selling your motorhome. Some you would expect and won't be surprised by, whilst other are hidden or may come as a surprise. And it all really depends on the different options for selling your motorhome.

Advertising Costs

The most obvious costs are advertising costs if you choose to try and sell your motorhome privately. If you place your motorhome for sale in any paper, magazine or website you will of course incur up-front costs. (Which wouldn't be so bad if there was any certainty of selling!)

Auction Costs

Another popular method of trying to sell a motorhome privately is via an auction. Mostly this is online auctions such as Ebay, as physical auctions typically return very low prices and are mainly used by the trade. Online auctions are subject to up front costs and an additional cost if you are successful in selling.

Motorhome Brokerage

Motorhome brokers such as Motorhome Depot don't charge up front costs, and market themselves as a no sale, no fee service. This at least is a no risk method of selling, but if you do sell, there will be a commission to pay.


On the face of it, part-exchanging your motorhome with a dealer seems like one way to sell without incurring any costs. However, the "Cost" you will incur will be in the price you get for your motorhome. Dealers have fat margins in stock they are selling. As a cash buyer you can always negotiate a good discount. When part-exchanging your motorhome you often find the discount isn't available. In other words, the lack of discount on your new motorhome is a cost of selling your existing motorhome to a dealer.

Collection and Delivery Costs

When negotiating a sale to any type of trade buyer, be aware of collection and delivery costs. This may be a trade buyer agreeing a price and then hitting you with a collection fee. Or it may be the time and expense you incur delivering your motorhome to a dealer. Either way, this is a hidden cost you have to take into account.

Where Can I Sell My Motorhome for Free?

If you want to sell your motorhome for free, quickly and easily then speak to us. At We Want Your Motorhome there are no costs to you. The process is quick and easy - it just takes one phone call to us. And there are no hidden fees - we even come and collect your motorhome from you for free.

Contact us today by calling us on 01223 632897 or click free motorhome valuation to get started.

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