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If you are selling your Dethleffs motorhome we know it is a wrench for you, because we know how good they are. We are always in the market to buy Dethleffs motorhomes. Please call us on 01223 632897 to discuss selling your Dethleffs motorhome or to get a free online motorhome valuation click Dethleffs valuation.

In 1931 "Not without my family" were the words spoken by Arist Dethleffs when he built his first recreational vehicle. Apparently he built it so that his family could accompany him on his business trips. Whatever the reason, it is an interesting start to a business and travelling with your family is still the thing about motorhoming that we all love. The other interesting thing about this story is that it highlights that Dethleffs have the best part of one hundred years experience of building leisure vehicles and you would have to say it shows. Dethleffs motorhomes are a classic mixture of build quality and style, which is what makes them so popular.

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