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If you own an Eldiss motorhome and you have reached the point where you are thinking of selling it, please get in touch with us. Eldiss motorhomes are a firm favourite of ours and we like to buy them. Please call us on 01223 632897 to discuss selling your Eldiss or for your free online motorhome valuation click Eldiss valuation.

Based in County Durham, Eldiss have a long history of building motorhomes and caravans dating back to 1964. One of the interesting things about how Eldiss build their motorhomes, is their "Solid" technology. Eldiss claim it is strong, light and dry. And by dry, they mean resistant to water ingress - one of the biggest problems with long term motorhome ownership. In 2017 Eldiss became a part of the Hymer group. Given both companies focus on quality construction, this seems a good match and augers well for the future quality and popularity of Eldiss motorhomes.

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