Four Arguments Against Selling Your Motorhome Privately

  • 01st December 2017
  • Sell My Motorhome

Here at Sell My Motorhome, we’re often asked what the difference is between what we do and the more ‘conventional’ approach to selling. After all, a sale is a sale, so does it really matter which way you go about selling your vehicle?

In a word, yes. Well, at least if you’re out for the best deal, the easiest ride and the most satisfying experience, anyway!

We’ve worked hard over the years to become the UK’s number-one independent buyer of motorhomes, campervans and recreational vehicles. Which is why we can safely say that if you’re considering selling yours privately, you might want to consider these following arguments against doing so first:

1 – Needless Effort

First of all, one of the biggest nuisances when it comes to selling these kinds of vehicles is finding keen buyers in the first place. There may be hundreds of different places you can advertise your motorhome, but in order to make sure the right buyer sees it, you need to list it in as many places as possible. This takes time…not to mention quite a lot of effort. It can also be expensive too as most listings will attach a price, sometimes a commission at the point of sale or both.

With us however, you basically just let us know what you have and we’ll make you an offer in an instant. Zero time, zero effort, 100% satisfaction.

2 – Time Wasters

Like the idea of tyre-kickers with nothing better to do than waste your time? Spending forever setting up inspections and test drives, despite the fact they were really never going to buy it in the first place? You’re far from in the minority, but these both tend to be inevitable parts of the selling process when you go private.

The alternative option being to cut through the delays and inconveniences by giving Sell My Motorhome a shout. We’ll make you an offer straight away and if you’re happy with it, the job’s pretty much as good as done!

3 – No Guarantees

There’s also the fact that when you sell privately, there’s always the chance you won’t actually sell the thing at all! The longer your motorhome spends on the market, the lower its perceived value will be and the lower the likelihood of finding a willing buyer. When you sell privately, nothing is guaranteed.

With us though, we guarantee to buy any motorhome for a fair price – no questions asked. Well, maybe a few important questions, but we still guarantee we’ll take it off your hands and make your life as easy as possible!

4 – A Poor Price?

Last but not least, it’s largely inevitable that much of your time trying to sell your motorhome will be spent dealing with hagglers out for a bargain. Whether it’s 25%, 35% or even 50% less than you’re willing to offer, you will no doubt encounter plenty of folk trying to get your vehicle at a snip of its real value. And the more you hold out for a good deal, the longer you’ll be waiting and the harder it’ll become to sell it at all.

So instead, why not give us a shout and let us quote you a solid, guaranteed and immediately-available price for your motorhome? You call, we quote, you accept and we collect – it’s just about as simple as it gets!

Give us a call today for more information, or with any questions you have on the services we offer.

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