Deciding On A Second Hand Motorhome With Family In Mind

  • 01st January 2018
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Going away for a couple of weeks in a motorhome provides an excellent opportunity for bringing the entire family unit closer together and here are some useful tips that will help you choose the most suitable campervan for your needs.

Remember, a bit of forward planning before you make that final decision to buy your motorhome will go a long way towards making sure that everybody is kept comfortably happy and has a great time throughout the entire duration of your family vacation – and this means both children and adults.

Here is our essential list of things to consider when looking to buy a used motorhome for family outings:

* Are there enough seats for everybody? You want to make sure that your new motorhome has enough comfortable seats for each family member, together with the correct number of seat belts, and that any special child seats can be strapped in safely and securely if you have younger children or babies on board.

* Is there enough space to store your belongings? Motorhomes that have been designed with families in mind will usually have a rear garage space which should provide ample for space for bicycles, prams and pushchairs – along with any other bulky items you need to take with you.

* How many beds do you need? A decent sized family motorhome will have a double bed for the parents and bunk beds for the children. Check that the bunk beds are big enough for the older kids and also make sure that everybody has their own private quarters as parents and teenagers often need their own space.

* If you have younger children on board, make sure that the doors and cupboards have child-proof catches and that any electrical sockets are out of reach from a toddler’s grasp. You don’t want any easily avoidable accidents to ruin your dream vacation.

* Are the floors carpeted? And is the upholstery easy to keep clean? Hard floors are much easier to clean than carpets and buying a motorhome with expensive upholstery is asking for trouble if your children are still young and liable to spill drinks and drop crumbs everywhere!

* What about cooking facilities and dining arrangements? Is there a place where you can all eat together in your new motorhome and do you have the enough cooking facilities in order to make food for everyone at once?

* Washing and personal hygiene – You should ideally be investing in a motor home which has a separate wash basin, and individual shower and toilet cubicles which as this will cut down on a lot of the arguments and waiting times in the mornings and before bedtime.

* And last but not least – accessibility. Is your motorhome easy enough for a young child to get in and out of? The entrances on some motorhomes can be quite high for small children to clamber into and retractable steps can be quite dangerous for toddlers. Remember that safety is everything and you’ll have a much better time!

As you can see there are plenty of things to consider. So see what is out there for you at Motorhome Depots with a range if motorhomes for sale. If you are looking to swap and need to sell quickly then sell your motorhome with us.

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