How You Should Have Your Motorhome Before A Valuation

  • 22nd January 2018
  • Sell My Motorhome

If you are preparing to sell a motorhome in the UK and are about to get it valued then there are a number of simple steps that you can take in order to ensure you get the maximum returns on your investment.

Here are those steps outlined, one by one:

1) Give your motorhome a thorough clean from top to bottom. This includes the kitchen, dining and lounge areas, shower and toilet cubicles, the sleeping areas and the front driving cab. Make sure that you Hoover the carpets and upholstery – whilst washing any removable seating and mattress covers wherever possible. Use as many cleaning products as necessary for each particular job and try to get all the appliances and surface areas looking spotless and as close to new as you humanly can. Also, buy a couple of pleasantly scented air fresheners to make everything smell really clean.

2) Make sure the outside of your motorhome looks fantastic. Any scratches or chips on the paintwork can be quite easily touched up using an affordable paint stick before giving your campervan a good old-fashioned polish. If you really want to impress a buyer, then you could even get your RV cleaned professionally by an expert.

3) A recent MOT will reassure the person valuing your motorhome that there are no mechanical problems with the your campervan and that there is little chance of it breaking down in the not too distant future. If your current MOT runs out in a few months, then get a new one as it is money well spent.

4) Is the oil tank full and are the radiators topped up with water? By ensuring everything is fully topped up and that the displays on your dashboard are working, it shows that you really look after your motorhome and that there are no troubles with leaks or faulty connections. Even the finest details can influence a person’s decision to buy a vehicle.

5) Remove any clutter that might be present such as personal items and anything that you wouldn’t expect to find in an RV when buying one new.

6) Collect any relevant paperwork and documents together using a single folder. Keep everything neat and tidy so that you look properly organized. Operation manuals, the vehicle registration papers and any receipts for works such as having something fitted or any repairs that have been undertaken.

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