Is Travelling Full Time Made For You?

  • 17th February 2018
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Going on holiday in an RV or campervan can be a superbly liberating experience, even if it’s just for a few days in the countryside or by the coast – but have you ever imagined what it might be like to actually live in a motorhome permanently?

Travelling full time gives you an enormous sense of freedom. It means you can go wherever you want, whenever you want and it can also be very affordable – especially in a campervan!

House prices and the cost of renting can be highly expensive at the best of times and the cost of heating a property and running all those domestic appliances can also cost an absolute fortune, no matter how careful you are with your energy use.

With a motorhome, your monthly expenditure will be quite minimal in comparison. You should easily find that you have enough money in the bank at the end of each week so that you can finally get around to travelling to all those incredible places that you never seemed to have the time or finances to visit before.

Of course, you might be under the impression that life in an RV might be a little cramped or uncomfortable if you are living in one full time, but these days you can buy an affordable new or used motorhome with plenty of floor and storage space if you shop around and invest wisely.

You should also find that you won’t have to compromise on your existing way of life as modern motorhomes are also able to provide a luxurious living experience with all your needs and requirements more than adequately catered for.

When you choose to travel full time in a campervan, the world truly is you oyster and if you find yourself falling in love with a location which seems to provide everything you want from life then you can stay there for as long as you want.

However, if you eventually get bored and you want to move on, then there’s nothing at all stopping you from expanding your horizons!

Although the UK has plenty to offer the full time motorhome traveller – with hundreds of popular destinations such as the Lake District, the Isle of White, the Cotswolds and Devon – there’s also the option of travelling abroad in your camper van.

Finally, if you are considering taking your RV overseas then you will need to plan and research every last detail beforehand as different countries have different rules and regulations with respect to motorhome drivers. Obviously, you don’t want to end up being fined or even arrested for a simple oversight!

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