Must have accessories for your motorhome

  • 27th February 2018
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If you are looking to make the most out of your campervan holiday then there are a number of things that you should take along for the journey which will make life much more bearable on the roads. Here is a list of those accessories – including some more unusual items that will help to brighten up the day should the weather take a turn for the worse!

The MasterPan

The cooking facilities in most motorhomes can be described as adequate at the best of times – and the number of hobs is usually restricted to one or two in an effort to save space. Enter the MasterPan!

This fabulous new cooking product is basically a large non-stick pan that contains sick separate compartments in which you can cook different things. For example, using a MasterPan, you can easily fry an egg, heat some baked beans, warm some bread and sizzle some mushrooms – all at once and with two extra cooking spaces to spare!

Check it out at:


This product is basically a smart phone speaker amplifier which doubles up as a frisby when not in use playing music. By simply placing your smart phone in the dome of the Fli-Tunes, the sound is doubled in the direction the product is facing. Simple science and an excellent idea!

The Minipresso

Everyone needs a good cup of coffee first thing in the morning when waking up on a motorhome holiday. That’s where the Minipresso comes in handy as it is a super handy, ultra lightweight alternative to the full size Espresso machine that you already have at home. Just add coffee and hot water and with a few simple squeezes – voila! A perfect cup of coffee!


This is a new product that serves as a brand new replacement for BluTac and SelloTape. Sugru is basically self-setting rubber which you can mould easily into shape before leaving it to set. Great for leaky pipes or broken plastic – and it sets in less than thirty minutes. It’s also available in a fun choice of colours. Try searching online for Sugru online. Once you try it – you’ll never look back!

Of course, these are just four new products that tickled our fancy – and there are many more out there which are just waiting to be discovered. If you find any more good ideas for motorhome holidays then why not send us an email so that we can share them with our other readers?

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