Specific Sat-Nav App for Motorhome and Caravan Drivers Hits the Market

  • 26th February 2018
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If you are a motorhome owner who makes regular journeys to new and varied destinations then you may be very interested to find out that a brand new sat nav app has just been launched that has been developed specifically to meet your needs!

The CoPilot Caravan is a motorhome specific sat nav app which offers automatic route planning and satellite guidance and, from our own experience, it works like an absolute charm on any android compatible device.

One of the most annoying features on some of the earlier sat nav systems that we have tried has got to be the robotic sounding voice which constantly informs the driver which turn to take next. However, the CoPilot Caravan app has a female voice which, although somewhat persistent, doesn’t seem as intrusive or annoying as those featured on older devices. This is useful as although the driving instructions are displayed clearly onscreen – you obviously want to keep your eyes on the road at all times to avoid any nasty surprises or unnecessary accidents!

Basic Use and Key Features

One of the best features of the app has got be its ease of use. In order to find the best route for your journey, you simply key in the basic dimensions of your motorhome, along with its weight, and CoPilot Caravan will provide you with the most suitable route – omitting any roads which are not wide enough for your motorhome along with those which will not support the weight of your campervan.

Feature List

  • High quality road maps of the UK and the rest of Europe (yes – all of it!)
  • In depth, automatically calculated route planning
  • Detailed information on the maximum height and weight allowed on each and every road
  • Automatic warnings of sharp turns and other hazards such as cross winds
  • Large display which is easy to see at a glance – and not distracting
  • Highly affordable and competes easily with dedicated devices costing 3 times as much

Our Final Conclusion

At £49.99, the CoPilot Sat Nav system is an absolute bargain – and if you are worried about expensive data costs and frequent drop-outs in network coverage then you will be delighted to know that the maps themselves are actually stored in the device itself so you don’t need to connect to the internet at all whilst using the system – either at home or abroad!

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