We Buy Any Motorhome

We Buy Any Motorhome
  • 01st February 2019
  • Bill Pegram

We Buy Any Motorhome

At wewantyourmotorhome.com, when we say we buy any motorhome, we really do mean it. We will buy any make, model, age or mileage of motorhome. This is part of what makes us unique. There are a number of buyers around, but not many that will buy anything and everything. Unlike a motorhome dealer we do not have a particular stock profile limiting us to what we buy. And unlike many spiecalist buyers, we do not specialise in a particular make or style of campervan. No, when we say we buy any campervan, we really do mean it.

We really don't mind what condition the campervan is in. All we ask is that you give us an accurate description so that we can give you an accurate valuation. Got some dents and scratches? Interior a bit worn? No problem. Just tell us all about it and we will offer to buy it from you.

We Buy Your Motorhome Without Any Fuss or Bother

The thing that our customers love about our service is that we make selling your motorhome so easy. No advertising, no dealing with time wasters, no haggling - just one phone call and we do the rest. Here's how it works: all you need to do is get in touch with us and give us an accurate description of your campervan. We will then tell you what it is worth and offer to buy it from you. If you accept our offer, we will arrange for one of our professional drivers to come and collect it at a date and time to suit you. While he is with you, we will make a bank transfer to your account. When you are happy that the money is in your account, you can release the keys to the driver. Simple. When we say we buy your motorhome without any fuss, we really mean it.

Buy My Motorhome at a Fair Price

Of course it is important to you to get a fair price for your campervan and we will do this for you. However, as always in life, there is a trade-off between convenience and price. The decision to be made here, is whether you want to incur the up-front costs and risks of trying to sell privately? Yes, you might get a slightly better price. But do you really want to deal with time-waster, tyre-kickers and potentially fraudsters? And that in a nutshell, is the benefit of the service we offer. A quick, easy sale, versus the hassle and risks of the alternative. A trade-off between certainty and convenience versus the gamble of trying to get a slightly higher price with all of the risks that come with it. Buy my motorhome at a fair price? It just takes one phone call.

We Buy Motorhomes All Over the UK

One of the other things that people love our service for, is that they know wherever they are, we will buy their campervan. We are a truly national company and we will travel to every corner of the UK to collect your motorhome from you. We buy motorhomes in Cornwall, Scotland and everywhere in between.

The first step is get your online motorhome valuation here or call us on 01223 632897.

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