Sell My Motorhome Quickly!

Sell My Motorhome Quickly!
  • 12th March 2019
  • Bill Pegram

How Can I Sell My Motorhome Quickly?

Because of the nature of our business, at people quite often say to us that they want to sell their motorhome quickly. That's natural enough because it is after all, what we do - buy your motorhome from you very quickly. However, there are other factors to consider when selling your motorhome. This article looks at some of those other factors and takes a honest look at the best way to sell your motorhome depending on what your real objectives are.

Common Objectives When Selling a Motorhome

As discussed above, speed is a common objective when trying to sell a motorhome. But there other motivations and in fact, just because you are trying to achieve one thing, doesn't mean you should discount other important factors. For instance, just because you want to sell your motorhome quickly, doesn't mean you shouldn't also want to sell it securely. The most common factors that people consider when trying to sell are speed, price, ease of transaction, security and selling costs.

How Can I Sell My Motorhome?

The five most common ways for a private seller to sell their motorhome are: to a specialist motorhome buyer like, through a motorhome broker, advertise it privately yourself, sell to a dealer or on a "Sale or return" basis. So, now we have the common goals when selling a motorhome and the different ways you can do it. Let's now look at which methods of selling are best suited to what you want to achieve.

What is the Best Way to Sell My Motorhome Quickly?

If you are looking to sell your motorhome quickly, then a specialist motorhome buyer like is the best solution. It just takes one quick phone call. We can agree a price over the phone, make secure payment and have one of our professional drivers on their way to collect it from you the next day.

What is the Easiest Way to Sell My Motorhome?

Not surprisingly, a specialist motorhome buyer like is the easiest way to sell your motorhome. Again, all it takes is one quick phone call and we do the rest. It could be argued that selling to a motorhome dealer could be just as easy. And indeed, if you are lucky enough to phone the right dealer on the right day, it could be. However, motorhome dealers are more interested in selling than buying. They are not buying every day and they tend to be quite selective about what they buy. So it may take quite a lot of phone calls to find a motorhome dealer that wants to buy and even then, you will have to take your motorhome to them, which may be some distance away.

Sell My Motorhome for Free?

Sell my motorhome for free just means that you want to sell your motorhome without incurring any costs. Again, are your best option here. Not only are there no costs involved in the sale process, but we will even come and collect your motorhome from you without charge. The whole process really is free.

How do I Get the Best Price for My Motorhome?

When it comes to getting the best price for your motorhome, may not be able to guarantee this. Selling through a motorhome broker or selling privately may achieve a better price. However, the process will take longer, so you will have to wait to see if you actually are able to get a better price. One other thing to be aware of is that when trying to sell privately you will incur the up front costs of advertising, with no guarantee of a sale. With a reputable motorhome broker such as Motorhome Depot, they pay for the advertising so you have no up front costs or risk of being out of pocket.

What is the Most Secure Way to Sell My Motorhome?

Largely, this isn't so much about the route you choose to sell your motorhome, as being vigilant and taking steps to avoid all possible dangers. The key point is to make sure you have cleared funds in your bank account before you release the keys and documents. At we like to make sure our customers are completely happy on this score for their own peace of mind. In fact we ask them to check they have the money in their bank account before releasing the keys to us. Whoever you decide to sell your motorhome to, make it absolutely clear that you expect to have cleared funds before you will release the keys. This also applies to private buyers. There is a growing level of fraud and private buyers are not always what they seem.

This brings us onto "Sale or return". This is where you give your motorhome to a third party, normally a dealer, to try and sell for you. Most motorhome dealers are of course completely trust worthy and financially stable. However, there have been enough instances of dealers going bust having sold sale or return stock. In these instances some motorhome owners have faced the loss of their motorhomes without payment.

Free Motorhome Valuation

The starting point for selling your motorhome is to get a free valuation. This we will gladly do for you. Call us today on 01223 632897 or click free motorhome valuation to get started.

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