Sell My Motorhome? The Answers to All of Your Questions

Sell My Motorhome? The Answers to All of Your Questions
  • 26th April 2019
  • Bill Pegram

Here Are the Questions We Get Asked Most Often and the Answers to Those Questions

Selling your motorhome might seem like a difficult or complicated process. In fact, it needn’t be. We Want Your Motorhome make it quick and easy for you. Just get in touch and we’ll take care of everything. However, we do understand that you may have questions about how we work. So, below are some of the questions we are most commonly asked and the answers to them:

Is There Any Cost to Having My Motorhome Valued By You?

No, there is no cost to having your motorhome valued by us. We can do it without coming to see the motorhome – we just ask that you give us a few details and an accurate description regarding its condition.

Is There Any Obligation With the Valuation?

No, there is no obligation to use our service just because we have provided you with a valuation.

How Do You Value Motorhomes?

The valuation of your motorhome is based on our unrivalled experience in the market over many years. Not only do we hold a large database of motorhomes sold, but our valuers really have their fingers on the pulse of current market conditions. You will find our valuation team pleasant to deal with and their motorhome valuations fair and accurate.

Do You Need an Immediate Decision?

Certainly not. Take your time and think it over if that’s what you would like to do. But when you are ready to sell, rest assured that we can respond quickly with our rapid payment and collection system.

Does it Cost Anything to Use Your Service?

No, everything we do for you is free. Free motorhome valuation, straightforward payment and free collection. The amount we agree on is the amount that will be hitting your bank account.

How Can I Expect Payment for my Motorhome?

We make payment to you by the most secure means possible – direct bank transfer. You will have the opportunity to make sure the money is in your bank account before you release the keys to us. That’s our double lock policy on secure payment – no keys, until you are absolutely happy you have received the funds.

If I Contact You Today How Long Will it all Take?

Our usual answer to this question is how quickly would you like to sell your motorhome? We have completed transactions within twenty-four hours. However, more normally it takes a few days. You may need to clear out your motorhome or it may take a few days to find a mutually agreeable day to hand over the motorhome. We’ll be lead by you on how quickly you want to complete the transaction.

Do You Buy Motorhomes Anywhere in the UK?

Yes, we are a nationwide service and we don’t mind where you are.

Do You Buy Any Type of Motorhome?

Yes we do. It doesn’t matter what type of motorhome you have, we will be interested in buying it.

Does the Age of My Motorhome Matter?

No, age isn’t an important factor for us. We buy motorhomes of any age.

What About if it Has Some Damage?

Damage isn’t a problem for us – all we ask is that you give us an accurate description when we are valuing your motorhome. Tell us exactly what the problems are and we may ask you to send us some pictures. Obviously we aren’t a major repair centre, so aren’t interested in crashed motorhomes or write-offs. But no, minor damage it isn’t a problem and we do buy motorhomes with dings, bumps and scratches.

Should I Get My Motorhome Cleaned First?

No, when we say we make the process quick and easy for you, this includes avoiding the task of having to prepare it for sale. If you are thinking of selling privately or to a dealer, you will have the task of thoroughly cleaning the motorhome or the cost of getting it valeted. Not so with us. Just remove your personal belongings and we’ll take it as it is.

Where Do I Start?

Let’s get you started with a valuation. Click on online motorhome valuation or call us now on 01223 632897.

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