Value My Motorhome and Become a Clever Buyer

Value My Motorhome and Become a Clever Buyer
  • 08th May 2019
  • Bill Pegram

Value My Motorhome - I'm Buying Another One!

Do you know what an "Underwrite"is? It is a term used in many trades. It is where a trader lines up a buyer in advance for an asset they are going to buy themselves and need an immediate sale for. Most often this will be where a dealer takes the asset in part-exchange. A typical example is where a motorhome dealer takes a motorhome they don't want to stock in part exchange for a new motorhome. For any number of reasons the dealer may not want to put the part-exchange motorhome on their forecourt. But they do want to sell the new motorhome to the buyer. So, they phone around motorhome buyers ahead of agreeing a deal and get an underwrite for the part-exchange. Now the motorhome dealer knows how much they can sell the part-exchange motorhome for and therefore, how much they can sell the new motorhome for and still make a profit on the deal.

This is normal commercial practice in many business sectors. It is what allows traders to trade. If motorhome dealers weren't able to get underwrites and sell to the trade, they would do very few part-exchange deals. Imagine what the average motorhome dealer's forecourt would look like if they had to resell every part exchange motorhome they accepted!

Use a Motorhome Valuation to Your Advantage

But here's the interesting thing. You too can use this trick to get a better deal from a motorhome dealer if you are buying another motorhome. Yes, We Want Your Motorhome can help you use this same system of getting an underwrite as a negotiation tool. Here's how:

Here's How We Can Help You

The first step is to get a motorhome valuation from We Want Your Motorhome. This is completely free and we stand by our motorhome valuations. Now when you go to motorhome dealers about buying another motorhome, you already have your underwrite. You can negotiate already knowing that you have a buyer for your motorhome at a certain price.

This puts you in a strong position to negotiate. You can insist on a part-exchange price that matches the offer you have had from us. If the dealer won't accept that, that's OK. Now you can negotiate on the motorhome you wish to buy as a cash buyer, knowing we will buy your current motorhome. And dealers love a cash buyer! It makes the deal so much simpler for them.

Get Your Motorhome Valuation Now

So you see, getting an underwrite is the thing that oils the wheels of commercial transactions. You just need to know how to use the system yourself to work in your favour. Value my motorhome? Start by contacting us today. You can call us on 01223 632897 or click here for your free online motorhome valuation.

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